Looking After Your Jackahuaha

Although a small dog in size, the Jackahuahua is the result of two breeds that think they are larger than life!

Whilst looking after a Jackahuahua involves all the normal skills in good dog husbandry, you do need to bear in mind the ancestry of your dog.

This big personality needs to be contained in a responsible, mannerly dog. On-going training from a puppy is important, as is giving your dog experiances in all enviroments. We take Max out to many different places and have built up his exposure to people, children, dogs and traffic over time.

Being a 'cute' little person the Jackahuahua attracts a lot of attention from passers by and it is important for the dog presented to them to be a well mannered and happy.

I am always happy to declare that Max is a Jackahuahua as I am positive about this cross and it's standing as a really good companion dog as well as having great charm and personality.


We have found that Max does not enjoy the traditional 'wet' dog foods. Before modern feeds evolved this may have been a problem as the old style 'dry' feeds were limited and did not have the science that now lies behind all the major feeds that one can buy now.


The choice however, is bewildering and much attention needs to be paid to guidance from your vet, trainer or knowledgeable pet shop owner as well as information from other dog owners. Your choices now include, wet, semi-moist, dry or homemade.


Some of the current dog foods make very powerful claims, however the most important information is the list of ingredients. You need to have easily digestible food whichever route you choose to take.


We are very lucky now that we can buy food engineered towards our small breeds and that there is now an understanding that different breeds may have different feed needs.


Max started on a very well know dry food brand, however after discussion with our trainer Graham Everitt we have changed over to Arden Grange.


As a puppy Max was on the Puppy/Junior mix and this is proved very popular with Max. On the previous mix we had found that Max was a little 'hyper' and also was not 'keen' to eat his food. With Arden Grange we have found Max much more willing to eat and he has does seem to have lost that little 'hyper' edge that he had before. He is now on the adult range.


As with all dry feeds it is VITAL to ensure your dog is drinking well. We have not had any problems with Max in this respect. We have found he is happier to 'graze' eat rather than eat his meals all in one go. With his dry diet this is working fine and he is a happy healthy dog. His is always bright eyed and his coat is very glossy and reflects his well being.



The other vital need for a healthy dog! One of the biggest things to remember is to pack a bottle of water with you when you go out! We carry water with us in Max's 'bag' or if he finishes that, we buy him a bottle of water and he his happy to lap this from my hand if need be. We also discovered that he likes 'sparkling' which was an accidental buy, however I feel it is better to stick to plain water, not sure sparkling would be approved!!