Every Time You Go Out With Your Dog LEGAL UK Requirements

When you are outside the home with your dog, you must always have the dog on a lead, ideally a collar and separate lead (not slip lead).

The dog MUST be wearing a dog tag, to comply with UK LAW, the minimum information needed is, YOUR name, first line of your address, Postcode and contact phone number (I include mobile and landline).


You MUST also carry a means to clear up after your dog. Poop scoop and or bags must be carried at all times when you are out with your dog. Please also dispose of in correct manner. You can be fined in the UK for not clearing up after your dog.

Please be sure the collar fits properly, a frightened dog can 'slip out' of a collar that is too loose. Make sure the collar cannot slip off over his head.

It is important for you and your dog that he learns to walk on the lead and be in control at all times. Once the dog is trained there should be no need to have the dog pulling on you all the time. It is not comfortable for dog or owner.

Another thing we must all be comfortable with is handling our dogs all over, looking in ears, wiping eyes and opening mouth. These are all important things to do in a confident manner and to do on a regular basis. As well as making life easier should you need to cleans ears, take somthing out of dog's mouth, your vet will want to handle a dog that is used to being handled. Your vet is there to treat you dog not to teach it to open it's mouth. Grooming all over is also important.

You should be able to get your dog to Stop, Wait and Stay on command. I admit my command to Max for stop is Whoa!, however use any commend that is best suited to you, just remember to always use the same command.

A Dog's Needs

  • Water ~ a constant supply of clean drinking water at all times

  • Food ~ dogs need 1 or 2 meals a day. Take expert advise if needed

  • Exercise ~ all dogs, whatever size need exercise.

  • Pack ~ your dog needs to be part of a pack, that is you & family

  • Leadership ~ dogs need a pack leader. That is you!

  • Company ~ pack animals need companions, again you & family

  • Collar, Lead and Name Tag

Responsible Ownership

  • Register your dog with local vet, they can guide you on many things

  • Keep your dog wormed, innoculated and de-flead

  • Feed your dog a well balanced diet

  • Provide your dog with his own space, bed and toys

  • Groom your dog often and feel over him for ticks, thistles, lumps etc

  • Do not allow your dog to be a nuisance. Keep control at all times

  • Do not allow your dog to wander the streets

  • When in the countryside, stick to countryside code at all times

  • Never let your dog loose near livestock, sheep, cows, pigs or horses

  • Do not allow your dog to foul at inappropriate places

  • Always clean up after your dog

  • Do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time

  • Know your vet and local dog warden numbers

  • Please do not breed without discussing with your vet

  • Only breed if you are able to cope with puppies & have homes planned

  • Do not forget barking is a nuisance, make sure your dog is well mannered

  • Most of all LOVE YOUR DOG