Say Hello to these adorable Jackahuahuas

Our Readers Beloved Jackahuahas

To a dog, these Jackahuahua's are devoted little people and really are 'people dogs' this cross seems to have that little something extra that is very strong in their connection to their humans. It is hard to define, but they all have it!



Molly's Mum Ashley writes


I can honestly say that Molly has changed my life. She was born in October 2010, and we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She was the shy puppy in her litter, and we fell in love with her.


She quickly became a very important member of our family; she is very affectionate and loving. She loves her walks - we go out for at least an hour every day - and she also loves cuddles. If we sit down even for a minute, she pops up beside us, climbs on a lap, and if possible, snuggles down inside one of our cardigans! When she wants to be on her own, she burrows under blankets for some quiet time. One of her favourite places to go is the beach - and once we are there, her most favourite game is to run up and down the sand dunes. Her best friend is Arthur, a Jack-Russell Poodle cross; we regularly take them on holiday together. Although Molly is at least half of Arthur's size, she is definitely the boss!


When Molly joined our family, both myself and my husband were working in full time jobs, and we couldn't find anywhere good for Molly to go to day care or dog walking. This led to me taking redundancy from my job last year and starting my own business - Little Legs - which offers day care, dog walking and home care for small breed dogs and puppies! I get to spend lots of time with Molly, and she has lots of new friends. I have never been happier, and it is all down to Molly, my very special little dog!


What a Pretty Lady - Here is her story from proud 'mum' Charlotte

I have always grown up with dogs, however I always had big dogs, German Sheppard's and Alsatians, so it was a surprise to me that when I got my own place, I found myself wanting a smaller dog. I spent days and months thinking about the kind of dog that I wanted, being disappointed whenever I found the dog that I loved, they would already be sold. So when I came across a litter of Jackahuahuas including my Coco, that hadn't even been inquired into, I was made up. That night I went to look at the pups, there were roughly 10 pups from 3 different mums, all shapes and sizes, however they were all tanned. In the photo's that I had seen, Coco was the only dark puppy. She caught my eye straight away. When I was sitting with the pups, all the others were hyperactive running around playing with my feet, however Coco came and sat on my lap and fell asleep straight away. She was so soft, unlike all the other wire haired puppies. I instantly fell in love with her. She was a spitting image of her mother, who was 100% Chi, her father a working Jack Russell Terrier, and the fact that she was the only one who looked like she did, long legs, dark coat, when the others had short legs, bit chunky and wire hair, I knew straight away that she would be the one for me.


I have had Coco for 4 months now and I simply could not imagine my life without her. She is such a character, very cheeky, even trying to steal my cup of tea in the mornings. I had tried to train her to stay in a cage however she got the better of my heart and she now sleeps in the bed with me, tucking herself up near my feet. Always greeting me in the morning with kisses only to ask to have her belly rubbed for her morning stretch. Although it is winter, Coco loves going out for walks in her warm coat and loves all the attention ( and there is a lot ) that she get's from passers by, but not as much as she loves to chase after the pigeons!


I was lucky enough to be asked to foster a 2 year old male Chi called Scooby you will see him in some photo's. Coco really took a shine to Scooby, and it proved to me that she really does like every dog, she just loves to meet new people and wont let you leave her alone until you have given her all the attention you can give her. She is very demanding but it's so hard not to give her attention she is just so loyal.


I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I have loved taking them. She really is a beautiful little girl as you can see! Thank you for letting me share her with you


What a smile! She is so CUTE!

Tinks' Mum Kathie tells me she has only had Tinkerbell for about 10 months


She is 8 years old. The family who had her before were vegans and fed Tinks grains, fruits and veggies.


When Kathie got her she was 21 pounds. She is now down to 16 pounds, vet wants her to lose a little more weight for her health.


Kathie has now put her on a more responsible diet and just loves her immensely

Gypsy Lee

She measures from nose to where tail starts 18 inches or 46 centimetres and her colours are white, grey, tan and black.

Her coat is soft, like silk, and she could be a soft toy if she were not a living creature. In artificial light her fur glows like glass fibre. She is very alert and has pointy ears that stick up when she is interested with tips which waggle when she is running eg back with a ball. She was described by someone as delicate looking. He hit the nail on the head, but she is far from delicate in constitution, having come from a Traveller site, and she is like a little athlete.

Her only 'fault' if you would call it a fault is she needs to play all the time! She bullies with the ball and will put the ball where you’re bound to touch it with the next step or jump up and put it by you on the couch or chair. She will do this all day if she is not out and about, yet at the first opportunity she will be fetching and returning balls anywhere.She sits back on her haunches and keeps looking first at you with reproachful eyes and then down at the ball as if to say, ‘Well, come on then! Get on with it!’ But her very favourite thing is to chase a football, a light one. She goes mad and yaps excitedly as she does it with a Yip Yip Yip.She tosses it on her nose and dribbles it at speed as she returns it for you to kick it away again. If you take her over to the

He only fault, if fault it is, is that she needs to play constantly and bullies with a ball or toy to throw. If you seem disinterested she when you take her to a nearby field to do it she is jumping up at the ball you are carrying all the way there and back. If she finds it in the car she is playing with it there as she is being driven along.


When she finally settles down at night she is adorable.


Her owner lives in a block of flats for retired people and is not allowed to have a pet, since no animals are allowed to stay overnight, but he has trained her to be in a small holdall and not move, so takes her in and out in this way. She has been in restaurants, supermarkets, etc. and no-one knows unless he chooses to reveal her. He thinks that the people in charge know he has her but they cannot prove it, because he has been seen out and about with her She never barks in his flat; not even if people bang on his door. Yet when she visits me, his friend, she barks quite freely.


She a very clean little dog. If she gets muddy, she looks like a little scruff, but in no time at all, when she is dry, the dirt just comes off and she looks as good as new.


She looks like a Meerkat when she begs. She goes to church every week and is no trouble, but when we go up for communion she has to go in the bag or she gets anxious.


She is a mother and had one little girl who didn’t look like her. She has found her other half who has slightly shorter hair and is not quite as pretty, but he has the same sort of character though, unfortunately, Casper has been castrated, even though he caught her on her last heat. We know that she would make a great mother again, but it would not be at the flat because she screamed when taken away from her puppy to do her business. She would also ideally need to have more than one puppy because of the greater ease of giving birth to two smaller puppies. Her owner told me that when he used to wake in the night, when she had her puppy , it was to see Gypsy looking at puppy with ‘great big loving eyes’.


We attach photographs taken by a professional photographer to show why her owner thinks the world of her and why I am so smitten


Here is Buddy - He has quite a story to tell

We got Buddy in February 2006.


Prior to this we had had a lovely little Westie called Kelly, who we got in 1990, we had her until September 2005, when she sadly died of cancer a few weeks before her 15th birthday.


The whole family were deverstated at her death because she was such a big part of our family life and was loved by us all. At that time we didn't contemplate getting another dog because we felt we could never replace her in our affections and both our children were grown up and living in their own homes.


In early February 2006 my wife was visiting some friends when a friend of their's, an elderly chap, called in to see them and he had this little puppy with him that he had recently purchased. My wife was immediately captivated by his little Jackahuahua and enquired about where he had got him from and were there any more left. He told her he would make enquiries and let her know.When she got back home that day she told me about him and I must admit that from the description she gave me I was not particularly keen.


A few days later, unbeknown to me she received a telephone call from this old chap saying that his little puppy was too boistrous for him and would she like him. She readily agreed and drove straight to his house and collected him and brought him home and presented him to me. I didn't know what to say. I was looking at this unusual looking, but cute, little dog with huge pointed ears and pleading little face. I thought he could never take the place of our beloved little Kelly, but I knew how much Anne liked him and pretended to be as captivated by him as I knew she was. We decided to call him "Buddy" after Buddy Holly my favourite 50's singer.


During the next few weeks Buddy settled in very well and it soon became obvious that he had a very friendly nature although he soon let us know if anyone was at the front door! As he matured he began to 'grow' on me and the rest of the family. We have 5 grand children and trust him explicity with them and they love him to bits. He is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and sit on people's laps. He is now a big part of our family life and I think anybody considering a Jackahuahua as a pet dog will not be disappointed as you no doubt would agree.


Rambo is the beloved Jackahuahua belonging to Gill. Here is some of his story as told by Gill

Rambo came to me as a tiny puppy of 12 weeks old weighing just 2lbs. He could sit in the palm of my hand and was so sweet. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.


I was told he was the runt of the litter and this was the reason for him being so tiny when compared to his brothers and sisters.


He has been my constant companion for the past 6 years and was my rock at this time last year (Jan 2011) when my dad sadly passed away after a long illness.


Rambo was always there for a much needed cuddle and helped me through the most difficult times.


He is a real character and always ready to play. If he is ignored he will place his favourite toy on my foot step back and grumble at me until I take notice.


He loves his walks and can run like a Whippet.


He suffers with typical small dog syndrome and will always face up to the biggest of dogs no matter what and never backs down, that is why his name suits him so well, even though the opposition could probably eat him alive.


We live in Cambridshire very close to a river where rambo loves to walk the banks and barks at anything that moves, mainly the narrow boats and ducks.

He has his own facebook page Rambo Blandford and is building up a fine collection of doggy friends. He is an amazing dog, and I totally love him to bits.

Sioux's comments - another wonderful little chap. He sounds very like Max, Max brings his toy when he wants to play and he also goes and gets his Kong and drops in in my lap when he feels it needs refreshing.


Ruby Roo


Here's Ruby Roo! Beloved companion of Karen

Ruby is 21 months old & Karen has had her since she was 7 weeks, Karen says of this wee atom of energy.....


She a wonderful little dog. She never leaves my side and comes everywhere with me.


Ruby is really clever, I do training with her and she has been in advanced class now since last summer.


She is brilliant at Agility and flies all the courses. I'm hoping to do KC Obedience with her this year. I also show her and she does really well in the show classes as all the judges fall in love with her.


Anyway I can go on for hours about my special little dog.


This delightful chap was ABANDONED but now has a very loving home

He was found at the side of the road as a ex gypsy dog we are not sure of his history.  He isn't used to harnesses or lead and is very timid, but loves singing and rolling around. In the garden he loves to hide in the grass and sunbathe.


A Little Star

We got Lola from a lovely family in Kent, The mother was a Jack Russell and dad a Chihuahua. As soon as I went to see her I immediately fell in love. She's had quite an adventurous life so far, spending the first year coming to work with me at a wedding jewellery company. We had an open studio and Lola became quite the little celebrity. She was featured on the companies website and often had visitors coming in just to see her. 

A year on we took a big step and moved to France. Lola seems to have adjusted really well and enjoys the more relaxed pace of life. She loves going on long walks, but most of all loves playing ball. She is very intelligent and active, but also loves cuddles. 

I would definitely recommend Jackahuahuas, they are a really lovely breed

Dolly & Tui

Happiness comes with a Jackahuahua!

In the life of John now Dolly and Tui show how contented life can be for all.


Lovely Rita

She has been riding on my motorcycle since she was 9 weeks old.  She loves it!  The one of her in the helmet was the day of her first ride.  As you can see, she is bigger now.  She is so much fun


She rides on the back of my Harley, hence the bag.  She has an older brother, Marley, who is part pit and they love each other, playing and changing each other ever day.  I am recovering from knee surgery right now so we are not getting to ride at all but as soon as the doc releases me, you can bet we will be back in the wind.  She loves riding and gets excited every time I start the bike up.


This adorable chap came to his owner at a time when she needed a companion and has bought a lot of joy - here is his story so far.dd some more info

I bought Gilly soon after my husband died and he has been an amazing companion.  He is loving and obedient, enjoying walks and lots of cuddles and extensive playtime.  He darts and nips with all the speed of a striking snake when playing.  Say “enough” and he stops immediately, sitting down and awaiting what’s next.  He does sit, stand, down, stay, come and leave.  Great with people, children and other dogs. Excellent when travelling in the car too.  He’s an absolute sweetheart and I love him dearly.  Couldn’t have asked more from a dog really. 

I left my comfort zone of large dogs as I have a 6-year-old house dwarf lop rabbit called Charlie, (black as the inside of yer hat with blunt nose and floppy ears) so a smaller dog was the obvious choice.  Gilly and Charlie get on really well together and I make sure I feed any treats to Charlie first to keep the pecking order straight.  Gilly sits quivering attentively but waits patiently for his turn.  Charlie does not take any nonsense from Gilly, although when Gilly does his ‘Indi 500’ around the house he tends to ‘hurdle’ Charlie who just watches and waits for the race to end.  Although great together, when I have to go out, they are separated indoors by an open cage line as I must always bear in mind Gilly’s terrier nature!  They can still see each other and have plenty of room to play, each in their own area, which seems to work well.  All in all a very happy household

Harry and Maisy

How are these two for ADORABLE - From Rachael, who saw these pups on our Pups for Sale pages

My boyfriend Jay and I bought Harry the breeder who advertised the pups on your website a while ago. He was the only dog of the litter and the first to be picked – he’s a delight already!


Here are some photos with his little twin sister (Maisy) who has a new home with my boyfriend’s mother, so they see each other a lot. They like to sleep together, but there’s definitely some sibling rivalry starting in their games! (Harry’s the one with a longer face, bigger ears and more white on his head). Harry’s got lovely markings, completely white down the left side of his body and about 5 black circles down his right side.


Only 10 weeks old at the moment he’s settling into life in his new home – we were delayed by a week in America due to the Icelandic volcano in picking him up. We’ve been introducing him to friends and family and been to our first puppy class, where he cowered in the corner behind me and wouldn’t play!


He’s only 1.2kg at the moment, but I’m hoping he’ll grow some more! At about 10 inches long, and approximately the same high, we often lose him in the house – he didn’t appreciate the cat collar I bought for him with a bell on! He’s definitely a lap dog already, so I’m trying to convince him he’s OK to sit on his own. He’s already learnt to ‘fetch’ a mini tennis ball for treats, loves squeaky toys and spending early morning and late at night in bed with us under the duvet before retiring to his crate for the night! He loves playing but is just as happy cosying up for a sleep, and his favourite position is perched on top of our shoulders like a parrot so he can see what’s going on! Looking like Gizmo as he does, his ears don’t miss much!


Jolly Holly

Holly loves to sleep under her covers, under the cushions on the sofa ,nestled in the kids dressing gowns, whether they're wearing them or not! She loves to help with the washing i.e. sorting through the clothes and then doing a runner with the socks! She greets everyone with great excitement, by lying on her back wanting her tummy rubbing. She is very cheeky, sitting and barking, indicating she needs to go out for a wee, as soon as you move from your seat, whoosh, quick as a flash Holly replaces you and acts as if she's been there all the time. She loves digging holes in the garden, burying her treats, and going back for them later, she often comes in with an innocent look and muddy nose! Another favourite is sitting in the sun, which is fab because I'm a sun worshipper too! First thing in the morning she sits on my lap while I have my coffee, its routine! We have soooooo much fun with Holly, she is FAB!


Jackahuahua Sparky writes

 Hello, My name is Sparky, I live with my younger friend Hollie who is a Jack Russell and my yummy food providers Ian & Lorraine.
I love to play in the woods, I also adore chase time with Hollie. I am a brother to Kipper who lives on a houseboat. I also used to live on a houseboat next door to my brother and enjoyed running up and down the pontoon with him. I still live by the water and very much enjoy our boat trips up the river.


He lives on a Houseboat

Kipper lives with his friend Dexter the JR on a houseboat in Kent. Like all Jackahuahuas he simply loves laps and treats. He also plays flyball  and is a champion Flyballer! He has fallen in the water once or twice and he can swim but not to keen on that. He is loved and adorded by Sandy and Rose and they say they would not change hime for the world! So if you are ever on the Medway do look out for Kipper, unless he is buried under his blanket, another Jackahuahua passion.

I am sure there is never a dull moment!


Another wonderful Jackahuahua.

She a right little character and loves to play and snuggle. I found out last night that her new hobbies involves chasing grapes! I accidentally dropped one on the kitchen floor and she entertained us for a good 20 minutes while she pounced, jumped, licked and even ran away from the grape.! It was hilarious! She has an absolute load of toys but still seems to prefer my slippers. When she first gets up on a morning she does a really funny thing which we call a Commando Crawl - Its almost as though she's pulling herself across the floor with her front two legs. I've had her for just over 1 month and it really is the best thing I've ever done. She's an absolute dream and I couldn't imagine our household without her


Loved by Agata and Toby

Toby reports he had never come across a Jackahuahua before he met Jakus (prn. Jak - oosh), and now he reports he is a great fan. 

Jakus is a little bundle of fun, however he can be a little moody at times and is not too fond of other dogs.

Seems he likes the camera!

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