Max's Brother!

His ears are almost as big as Max's


He is VERY Special to Mark

Mark found this very special Jackahuahau in his life at a very difficult time. Atticus has been a constant companion to Mark for a year now and he has made life very much easier to handle. Mark says that it is as if this little trooper of a dog was sent to leave paw prints in his heart.

Mark fell in love with this guy at first sight. Atticus is very protective and a real comfort if any one is down.

He weights in at 7lbs and Mark says he could never find another dog as loyal and lovable.


Aster lives with Lindsey in USA. Another lucky dog!

Lindsey says

I adopted Aster, my Jackahuahua, exactly nine years ago. She is a gem of an animal, very game, horribly smart, and always friendly.

Aster is 10 years old and was adopted from a shelter in El Paso, TX, via She's a really excellent dog, and I'm glad to have her. Hurray for hybrid vigour!


The Puppy Fund Jackahuahua

This little wonder is Paolo! He is a 21st pressie to Hannah, friends and family donated to the 'puppy fund' and Paolo has become the best pressie ever!



Hannah tells how she was looking for a small dog, when she came across and advert on the web advising about this little man. He was 12 days old, and like me Hannah had a quite a trip and a wait to pick up her Jackahuahua. He has been worth both the wait and the journey! Hannah goes on to say "He loves going for walks, he isn't so keen on the bath but he loves swimming in the sea and his best friends are my mum's collie puppy Jessica and My friend's dogs, Roxy the Rottweiler and Sidney the Boxer."

"He gets very excited at the prospect of a treat and stands up on his back legs and walks around like a person for ages, he can also do handstands when he can't quite reach the far end of his food bowl" Hannah, let me tell you, the standing on the back legs really seems to be a Jackahuahua thing! Max does it all the time, it seems nothing can pass them by, nosey little people these Jackahuahas!

Hannah also says "He has a massive character, like your Max, He acts so brave all the time, like a little gladiator!
He caught a moth last week, swiped it down with one paw and stood triumphant as if to say " There! I killed the flying beast! Bask in my glory!"


Long Haired Jackahuahua

Loved by Ian and Ginny 

Basil was in a litter of three boys and he chose us!! We took our older dog, Nessie, with us to make sure they got on okay and one little pup came marching across very purposefully from the far side of the pen and was transfixed by Nessie - one year on and he still worships the ground that she walks on! 

Basil is now just over a year old and we think that he is absolutely adorable. As you can see he is crossed with a longhaired Chihuahua and has the softest fur and unusually he has the most beautiful blue eyes which we have been told is quite a rare trait in Chihuahuas! 

Basil has a wonderful personality and loves everyone and everything. He is a happy little soul and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, that is until there is a perceived threat to his "family" from a group of birds in the garden or a passing butterfly, Starlings are his Nemesis!! 

Basil eats anything and appears to have a cast iron stomach. When we say he'll anything we really mean anything, oranges, grapes (peeled of course!), apples, curry and his absolute favourite.....pickled eggs - if it can fit in his mouth its gone!!!! 

He's a real attention hound (pardon the pun!), he can hear an AAAH from a 1000yds and is there in a shot, on his back, legs akimbo!!


Loves chicken & long walks

Hates traffic cones and the postman.

He's a fun little doggy who craves attention. Mischievous and cheeky but very loving, he's more a member of the family than a pet.
Loves to play and has endless amounts of energy. A real character sometimes you get the impression he turns his nose up at you!!
I could not have asked for a nicer dog, there is only one tiny little thing I wish I could change and that would be the amount of hair he sheds, I wake up with a rug of Arnie hair every morning!!


From same Home as MAX!

Sophie found Alfie by accident. Having been looking for a Miniature Pincher, she decided that it was not really the breed for her. So looking for something of similar size without the complete lap experience of a Chihuahua, then she heard about the Jack Chi cross and came upon an advert by Max's breeder. Having dashed off to see him on a Sunday, falling in love with him, Sophie had Alfie home the following Thursday. She like I was impressed with Sue as a breeder and found her very knowledgeable and honest. Alfie had had a great start in a family home and is now lapping up the love and care that Sophie gives him 


Rufus is 15 pounds of wonderful Jackahuahua

Rufus is 15 pounds of wonderful Jackahuahua

He lives in Arlington, VA USA. He was adopted by loving owners Kaitlyn and Jason. Rufus loves to play outside, but like a lot of Jackahuahuas he is happy to be a real lap dog in the house!

Kaitlyn says he is a really cool dog with a loving personality.

Kailyn goes on to say "We actually didn't even know that he was a specific breed - when we adopted him from the shelter we were just told a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Then one night at dinner our waitress asked what kind of a dog we had and we told her the mix and she said, "ohmygosh you have a Jackahuahua!" We had no idea - but we looked it up that night and sure enough we learned that he is a special breed! It was very cool.

We actually just had him trained in-house at a local kennel while we were moving. When we went to pick him up, the people at the kennel didn't want him to leave and told us, "keep your money and we'll keep the dog!" They loved him so much. His report card said, "He is such a cool dog." We agree!!!!


Very Special Girl

Sharon found this wonderful Jackahuahua at a very difficult time in her life. Having lost her beloved King Charles, Grace to syringomelia at a young age, Sharon suffered another blow when having a new companion Daisy (bought after Gracie passing the Rainbow Bridge) died at just 14 weeks after health complications. Although Sharon still had her Dalmatian, Dylan, she felt the home was a little empty. When working on the internet just a few days after Daisy passed Sharon was drawn to an advert describing the above little bundle of joy. Emails exchanged with the breeder within moments and soon Tallullah was happy in Sharon's caring home. There was trepidation and worries, but from the moment a tearful Sharon held Tallullah happiness was back. This tiny pup loves the giant (in her eyes) Dylan and Sharon is now a lover of the cross that is the Jackahuahua. As she says 'Hand on heart, if my Tallullah is anything to go by they are perfection on legs. They give so much, and have hearts of lions. Tallullah is more than I could have dreamed she would be.


A sweet Girl

Rescued from a Farm in Blyth Roxey has found a loving forever home with owner Jane. She has been easy to train and is now a real part of the family. She is a fantastic dog and very much loved.


A Special Guy

Louie is my special guy in my life. My world revolves around him.  

Louie is very special to me. He is definitely one of a kind. He has his likes and dislikes. Louie enjoys being nestled with me or something. He brings his blankies everywhere and loves to be under the covers. He also enjoys lying in the sun. He also is quite the little water bug. I had Louie on his first boating trip when he was 8 wks. old. Louie is very sociable with other dogs. He tends to steer clear of large dogs. He enjoys playing with toys. His favourite toy is his ball. Louie loves to play fetch. Louie pretty much wants to chase anything that moves. That is one behaviour that we are working on as far as correcting. Another behaviour we are working on is goodbyes. He gets very upset when someone leaves. He doesn’t like goodbyes. He just doesn’t want to be left alone.  

Louie truly is a very wonderful little dog. He likes a lot of attention and enjoys being loved. Never a dull moment!


Oh Hello ....

Born 11th May 2008, here is another well loved and admired Jackahuahua. Starbucks! He loves to dig, play with toys and wants lots of cuddle.

He lives in Florida with 'mum' Crystal.

I think he looks very much like Max, sounds as much a bundle of fun and love as well.

Welcome Starbucks!!


Proud owners Sam, Sam James and Grace have this little bundle in their lives

Sam Writes...

Mac was born on the 10th Feb 2008 to my friend’s Jack Russell Molly and her sister’s long haired Chihuahua. The first time I saw him I wanted him and my children had been nagging for ages. I went home to my husband, took him to see Mac and his 3 brothers and 1 sister and the next thing I knew we were collecting him in three weeks time and the children didn’t know!!!


He has become a massive part of the family already with a lovely personality.

He sits on my lap as soon as I sit down and buries his head under my arm, then falls asleep. He is extremely clever, he sits and offers left then right paws for treats, which the children taught him by 12 weeks.


Our gorgeous little dog gives so much pleasure to the four of us, we still all fight to let him out of his crate. I thought the novelty would wear off, but we all walk him every day, we can’t imagine not having him now.


He is such a fantastic member of the family, I would recommend anyone to have a Jackahuahua, as people perceive Jack Russell’s as ‘ankle biters’ which he really isn’t.


Another adored Jackahuahua. Minnie lives in North Yorkshire.

Laura Writes of Minnie 

She is an absolute joy. She was very young when we got her, only 6 weeks and she was tiny. It is the first time we've ever had a small dog, normally having bearded collies, German shepherds and also spaniels. She has a little brother called teddy who is a beardie and only a couple months younger than her but she is definitely the baby of the family!


She's incredibly smart and very tactical as well, sneaking up on teddy and stealing whatever he has from him (even if she already has one of her own, such as a toy, or bone). She adores going for walks (we tried to call them leg-stretches to stop her getting too excited but she knows this word now too!) and runs like the wind... We now have to be careful as she disappears under fences into fields she shouldn't be in and she does not come back, she knows when she has been naughty!!


We visit my grandparents a lot and she knows where she is as soon as we pull up, we only have to open the door and she runs off into the house to say hello.


She is a wonderful mix of both breeds, you can see the terrier in her when she is "killing" a toy or if shes on the scent during her walks, she is very independent, but also loves people and has the waggiest tail I have ever seen!!


She will jump up and stand on her back legs when she wants picking up for a hug, or sometimes she likes a little carry during her walks if its quite cold or wet. She also loves watching television, we've caught her glued to the set a few times! She enjoys the film "Evan Almighty" and I think she also has a little crush on the jack russell "Eddie" in "Fraiser", as she runs to the screen every time he is on it

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