Q: What is a Jackahuahua ?

A: A Jackahuahua is hybrid or crossbred dog borne of two known breeds. One parent is a purebred Chihuahua, the other a Jack Russell Terrier.


A crossbreed or crossbred usually refers to an animal with purebred parents of two different breeds, varieties, or populations, usually deliberately bred for some purpose. A crossbred dog differs in this way from a mixed breed dog (also called random-bred, mongrel or mutt) which has unknown or complex ancestry.

In crossbred dogs, because some traits are dominant, breeds tend to pass on some physical characteristics to crosses more than others. Border Collies and some Spaniels, for example, often produce offspring with similar coats and ears. The crossbred offspring of German Shepherds often have Shepherd faces and other characteristics. Crossbred dogs may vary in which characteristics of their purebred parents that they inherit, even within the same litter of puppies. Jackahuahuas seem to have very dominant terrier traits and they need to be well trained and exercised, they tend to be busy little characters and may not make ideal 'apartment/flat' dogs as they do need to get out every day and have time to run and play outside.


In biology, the word hybrid has multiple meanings. One meaning refers to the result of interbreeding between two animals (or plants) of different species, such as a mule (Equus caballus + Equus asinus) or in a cross between a lion and a tiger, known as interspecific hybrids. Interspecific hybrids are often (although not always) sterile

The offspring resulting from breeding within the same species, but from two distinct populations, is known as an intra-specific hybrid. This second meaning is often used in plant breeding.

Dogs and wolves were once classified as separate species (Canis familiaris and C. lupus, respectively), so a wolf-dog cross was called a canid hybrid (interspecific). The domestic dog has been more recently reclassified as C. lupus familiaris, a subspecies of the wolf, and a wolf-dog cross (an example of an intra-specific hybrid) is commonly called a wolfdog. Some fanciers continue to call wolf and dog crosses (and their descendants) wolf-dog hybrids.


This cross is also known as Mexican Jacks, Jack Chis and Jackhuahuas.


Q: Can I register my dog as a Pedigree as he has two pedigree parents?

A:NO! A Jackahuahua is a crossbreed, it cannot be pedigree registered. In fact on the Jack Russell side until 2016 , only Parson Jack Russell's were considered pedigree dogs.


Please also be very careful as I am seeing many puppies described as Registered Pedigree Pets and other such roundabout wording. There are clubs taking money to offer owners a 'Certificate of Registration' this does NOT constitute a Pedigree.


It would take several generations and a large breeding programme to establish this dog as a 'breed'. It would also need establishment of 'breed standards’, a 'Breed' Society, understanding of any health issues would need to be established and addressed. A formal 'Stud Book' would also have to be published and that would need to be able to show at least 4 or 5 accurate generations of each 'Pure Breed' dog.


You can however, in the UK, register your dog in the Kennel Club’s Activity Register., This is easy to join and you can then enter your dog in Companion Dog Shows which can be great fun. Once you join there is also a lot of material you can access on line as well as completions. Well recommended.


Q: Is a Jackahuahua good with children?

A: Jackahuahuas make good family dogs, however they have to be well integrated into your family. As with all dogs they have to be well trained and socialised. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take your dog to a good trainer. It must always be remembered, that children should not be left alone with unsupervised dogs. Children should be bought up to respect their dog and should not treat the dog as a toy. This may sound harsh, but what I really mean it that children need to be taught that dogs may not like being 'dressed up' and put in toy prams etc. and children can drop dogs and this hurts and can make a dog fearful of children.


Children need to be taught how to stroke and handle their dog. The first few months of a dog/child relationship are very important. I have found one of the best places to look at further information on children and dogs is at this Kennel Club Page, it relates to all dogs and is a great place to get a further understanding of children and dogs being happy and safe together.

Q: Does a Jackahuahua need exercise?

A: A big resounding YES! These dogs have a lot of energy. They need to go out and they love their walks. Max walks about 5 miles a day and also has plenty of 'playtime' as well. We break Max's walks into 2, one each morning and evening.

Build up exercise over time, allow your dog to become fit before taking him on long walks.

Some Jackahuahuas do not like going out in heavy rain. There is a good range of dog coats on the market. Be sure to get the right size and make sure it is not too tight or uncomfortable.

Remember that you need to carry poo bags and you need to clear up after your dog. It is the LAW,

Keep your dog on a lead where demanded and be sure he is wearing his dog tag at all times, again it is the LAW.

Follow the country code when walking in rural areas.

Please also bear in mind that most of our coastal regions have 'dog free' sections and seasonal restrictions which apply to dogs being allowed on the beach. Please do not ignore these, we do have dog friendly spaces and times for beaches and we need to respect the restrictions to keep access to our beaches and costal regions.


Q: What essentials do I need for my Jackahuahua?

A: Essentials for your Jackahuahua are the same as for any dog. Your Jackahuahua needs, a pack and leadership (that is you and your family), water, food, exercise, affection and a lead and collar, including a dog tag. Your dog tag has to have YOUR Name, 1st line of your address, postcode and a contact number.

He needs to be vacccinated and his vaccinations keep up to date. Keep the certificate of vaccination safe, you will need it when you sign up for dog training (and to my mind I would not go to a school that did not ask to see this!), you will also need to show this should you want to kennel your dog.

He needs to be trained.

He needs bedding, warmth and comfort.

A crate is also a great item to have from a young age and can be vital should you have to travel your dog.

You need to keep your dog groomed and clean.

Your dog needs to be kept wormed and deflead.

You should also sign your dog up with a vet practice and it is well advised to have your dog insured.

Jackahuahus love to have toys! They like chewing toys and chasing balls. I have found the KONG to be a great toy. It provides the Jackahuahua with a great way to 'work' for his treats.

You should never cause your dog to be in distress, discomfort or fearful.

Jackahuahua FAQ

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Jackahuahua FAQ