A Very Special Jackahuahua

A very special girl - Four years old bought for the son of her owner - she is the love of the family!  The family had a lovely Cairn Terrier for 14 years, they did not intend to get another dog - Teela changed that! They all adore her and she has changed their lives (I know how that feels).  This baby of the family is just about to be joined by puppy Laila.

Another special dog and family that make you see how special these little dogs are. 


A beautiful rescued Jackahuahua

This is Calvin on his sofa - his adoring owners write - We rescued Calvin a Jackahuahua 10 years ago at the age if approximately 1 year. He had a dark obscure beginning to life and was found on the streets at 4 months old. It took us months to be able to reach straight out to pat him. Hours upon hours of controlled socialization and training rewarded by love and affection. Every second was worth it to see him at his best and experiencing the wonderful characteristics of the breed. He and his older Rat terrier brother are in separable and bring to all they meet joy and love. We love this website and encourage others who have the time patients and environment to learn more and support Jackahuhuas in need.

- I bet he snuggles under the blankets - very much a Jackahuahua 'thing' - Max loves a snuggle

Dallas Diamond

His delighted owner is Siobhan

This is Dallas Diamond he's 5 years old. He’s a naughty but cute Jackahuahua. He’s very head strong But loveable and snuggles up with me as often as he can. His main role is to guard our family and terrorise The postman or any delivery men trying to leave packages at our door!

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