Hi to Zeb - our first 2020 reader's dog.  He sounds a poppet!

He’s such a quiet, loving & polite dog. He rarely ever barks, when he’s at home (although he does give a little ‘woof’, when he sees other dogs on the TV).


He never, ever begs for food & will always sit or go to his bed, when told/when we are eating. His name is Zeb (short for Zebedee) – as he’s ALWAYS full of energy & will bounce up and down on his hind legs, when he is about to be taken out for walks.


He loves the beach & is fearless…unbelievably, he’s not afraid of fireworks, water, thunder & lighting, etc. (unlike most dogs)….in fact, he so inquisitive that he loves to sit & watch lightning storms & fireworks displays – often, running up to the window, so that he can do just this.


He has lots of toys, including; a ball, a rope tug-toy, a bone & for some reason, a pebble (which he found on the beach)….which he loves LOVES to hide [himself] in his blanket & then go find it – this shows him to be an extremely intelligent dog…as not many dogs can entertain themselves.


He has a couple of weird quirks, one is that he won’t eat from his bowl…instead, he always picks up the dry dog food/kibble [in his mouth] from the bowl & then places it on the floor, somewhere around the house, before eating it.


The others are that he really dislikes the colour yellow & AA vans.


Oh, and he loves to sunbathe…

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