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A cross between two well loved breeds, the Jack Russell and the Chihuahua, this cross is becoming popular due to the great combination of two such wonderful breeds of small dog. Jackahuahuas are charming, tough, devoted little dogs with a passion for living and having fun. They have an infusion of great characteristics that give a small dog full of personality and vigour.


To me there is more to this cross than a so called 'designer dog'. They really are a great dog, they are full of energy, intelligence, humour and happiness. They give great doggie companionship in a small package.

I do not condone 'puppy farm' breeders who are breeding and selling this cross indiscriminately. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a CROSSBREED, this cross cannot be pedigree registered with the Kennel Club.  Some puppies are being advertised as Pedigree Pet Registered and other such terms.  Treat this with extreme care, you are NOT buying a pedigree dog.  These are schemes to 'register' dogs and take a fee from you.  It takes many generations of selective and careful breeding to establish a breed and a breed standard. 


In choosing a Jackahuahua, it is important to understand the characteristics of both breeds: you are getting a lively bundle of dog with strong 'terrier'  drive and enthusiasm.  You are also getting a dog that loves attention, cuddles and laps!  

I recommend that you take your Jackahuahua to puppy school/dog classes.  This is an important start in life, it will help start and maintain good communications between you and your dog as well as providing a great place to socialise your dog in a safe controlled environment. 

If you have pictures and stories of your own Jackahuahua then please send pictures and your stories via Contact us form on home page


Important Things All Dog Owners Should Consider
Owning a dog is more than just having a companion. There are important factors we must all consider. This section of the site is for relevant to all dog owners not just Jackahuahua owners.
I highly recommend that all puppies and young dogs go to training classes, there are classes for all, from novices to advanced. If nothing else it is a great place for dogs to socalise and for owners to keep up skills for training the well behaved dog. You can also work towards your Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
Your dog does not have to be registered with the KC, you just need to belong to a dog training school that works towards these exams. They are fun to do and you will learn heaps.

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